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Adoptable Horses
Adoption Policies

Here are the steps to follow if you would like to adopt a horse or pony from us

There are no short cuts through the process but some steps may be combined. This ensures that the riders skill in horsemanship matches or exceeds that required by the horse, and also that the rider is the right match for the horse. We will never just throw someone "up there" and see what happens. Our policies are a reflection of the fact that we put an extreme value on YOUR well-being as well as that of the horse.

  1. Visit our Adoption Policies Page.
  2. Fill out the Adoption Questionnaire completely. (form is in MS Word Format) and snail mail it to us.
  3. We will respond to your application within 7 days depending on our workload. We may ask for additional information.
  4. If accepted, we will arrange for an evaluation of your horsemanship skills with a local riding instructor. There is a non-refundable fee of $40 for this, and will take about one hour.
  5. If that is successful, and you are a match for the pony, we will arrange for an arena riding lesson with the pony of interest. There is a non-refundable fee of $40 for this, and this is also for an hour.
  6. If that is successful, we will proceed with the home check and reference checks.
  7. If those are positive, we will schedule an adoption appointment.
  8. At the adoption appointment, we will go over the Adoption Contract and schedule payment of the adoption fee, and arrange for pickup or delivery of your new friend!
  9. After 30 days we will schedule a visit to make sure the match is still working for everyone, and if not, we will make arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: People have complained in the past that they do not wish to commit $40 dollars up front if they have not met the horse they are interested in yet. What those people do not understand is that they are getting a fair and impartial evaluation of their riding skills from a experienced professional educator. This ensures a safe match for all involved and is a very small amount of money for the safety it provides for all. This also helps us offset the costs for insurance, the time spent prepping a pony for showing, and hauling.